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The KSI Time Tracking system provides an easy and effective way to track the employees' total time and time spent on specific jobs or projects. The Employee Scheduler is used to schedule the in and out times for the employee for each day. The actual time worked versus the scheduled time is shown on the report.


  • User-controlled message to all employees when they log in and out.
  • Separate user-controlled message for each employee that is only displayed when that employee logs in and out.
  • Ability to assign job number either when employee logs in or logs out.
  • Grace Period - Ability to indicate the number of minutes before and after the hour that the employee logs in and out to be treated as that hour.
  • Employee file - Maintains the employees' name, address, telephone number, type, hourly rate, date of birth, hire date, termination date, current log in/out status, last previous log in/out status. Scan by employee name.
  • Job file - Maintains description and corresponding general ledger account number for each job.
  • Payroll Interface - Creates payroll transaction file from time cards.
  • Schedule employees - Schedule log in and out times for each employee for each day. System tracks actual time worked versus scheduled time.
  • Time Card Adjustment - Supervisor has ability to correct the Time Card file if employee forgets to log in or out.

Reports Include:

  • Employee Log Listing
  • Job Listing
  • Employee Time and Expense Record
  • Employee Listing
  • Employee Schedules
  • Job Report
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