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The KSI report writing system, FIRE (File Inquiry, Reporting, and Editing), offers the flexibility of user-defined screens and reports. Reports can be written to draw infor-mation from existing and/or new files. By creating new files, or by accessing informa-tion from existing data files created by our other software packages, custom reports can be written to fit your individual needs.

Data Dictionary

  • Files are defined indicating:
  • Type of file (indicates how the field is to be accessed)
  • File name and record length
  • Size of file (maximum number of records, etc.)
  • Fields within files are defined indicating:
  • Position and length of each field
  • Type of field (alpha, numeric)
  • How field is to be edited (as a date, amount, percentage, telephone number, etc.)

Screen Definitions

  • Screens can be defined to access a given file by referencing the Data Dictionary and indicating the file to be used and which fields are to be displayed. User can define the field descriptions to be displayed, the row (1-24), column (1-80), and field length. User can also define what is valid for each field, such as ranges of valid numbers for numeric fields, and a table of valid characters for alpha fields.

Reports -- The user can define:

  • A report name for each report. Once a report has been defined, it is saved and can be edited and reprinted later.
  • Data from three related files can be accessed for a given report.
  • The report headings and titles including page number, date, etc.
  • Which fields are to be printed including print position, length, editing characteristics, rounding, and whether or not the field is to be added.
  • Additional calculations - add/subtract/multiply/divide one field by another field or a constant.
  • Selection criteria using boolean logic (EQ:equal-to, NE:not-equal-to, GT:greater-than, GE:greater-than-or-equal-to, LT:less-than, LE:less- than-or-equal-to). Up to ten AND/OR statements may be used.

Example: User can elect to print employees in Georgia who have earned over $5000.00, and are earning between $5.00 and $6.50 per hour and were hired after 1990.

  • Report sequence - user can specify up to eight sort fields (ex: sort by employee name within department, within state).
  • Control breaks - up to three control breaks in addition to a grand total (ex: totals by department, district, state, and grand total).
  • Whether to print in detail (each record) or in summary based on the Control Breaks.
  • Printer control - user can define which printer to use and its characteristics (ex: use printer "1", in landscape mode, condensed).
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