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The KSI Payroll system offers the user a sophisticated yet easy to use tool for managing the requirements of payroll. Not only does it calculate payroll and print the payroll journal, checks and management reports, it focuses on incurred costs and tax liability.

The interface to the KSI General Ledger system provides the automatic transfer of journal entries, eliminating the need for manual entries. By interfacing with the KSI Bank Reconciliation system, large volume users can take advantage of computerized reconciliations.


  • Calculates federal, state, county and local taxes
  • Offers 29 additional deductions for flex, deferred compensation plans (e.g. 401k), fringe benefits, auto allowances, employee advances, garnishments, dependent care benefits, and periodic deductions
  • Tracks wages and hours by multiple types of pay
  • Handles tip reporting including automatic calculation of "allocated tips" and tip makeup
  • Processes all payroll in one pass:
    • Salaried and hourly employees
    • Weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly, and monthly employees
    • Handwritten and voided checks
    • Commission checks
    • Employee expense reimbursement
    • Multiple states
  • Calculates employer cost and tax liability
  • User controlled federal, state and local tax tables
  • Ability to preview payroll journal before printing checks
  • Separate module is available for automatic deposit of payroll checks into employee bank accounts
  • Leave Reporting system is available to track employee vacation and sick leave
  • Interfaces with KSI Bank Reconciliation, General Ledger and Job Cost systems
  • Prints W2 and 1099 forms and provides magnetic media reporting
  • Laser form software available to print checks, W2, W3, 1099, 1096, 940, 941 forms on blank paper. (Checks require magnetic toner.)

Payroll Cycle Reports:

  • Payroll Worksheet
    • Lists active employees, reflecting expected rates and deductions
    • Time card labels are available
  • Payroll Edit Listing
    • Complete audit trail of all transactions making up this payroll run
  • Exception Report
    • Identifies employees who exceed user-defined maximums for gross, net or hours
  • Payroll Checks
    • Reflects earnings, deductions, and taxes
  • Check Register
    • Indicates system generated, handwritten and voided checks
  • Payroll Journal
    • Shows each check (gross to net), with a recap reflecting all employee and employer tax liability
  • Payroll Earnings Recap
    • Error listing reports any differences between calculated and withheld FICA on manual checks
    • Reflects earnings by department
    • Reflects hours by department
  • Labor Distribution by Department/Account
    • Reports hours and wages by Department/Account
  • Labor Distribution by Employee
    • Reports hours and wages by employee
  • Payroll Summary
    • Breaks out employer cost by cost center, including tax liabilities
  • Ledger Transaction Listing
    • Shows journal entries to be made to the General Ledger. (Automatically interfaces with KSI's General Ledger system.)
  • Payroll Account Listing
    • Reflects user-assigned account numbers for earnings, taxes and deductions. Used for interface to General Ledger system.

Quarterly Reports:

  • Tax Summaries
    • Federal Tax Summary
    • State Tax Summary - SWT
    • State Tax Summary - SUI
    • State Tax Summary - County
    • State Tax Summary - City
  • Tax Reporting
    • 941 Liability Report reflects tax liability for each 8th-monthly period
    • 941 Federal Tax Return
    • State SUI continuation forms, including recap of tax liability by state

Annual Reports:

  • W2 Pre-list
    • Verifies format of employee address for magnetic media requirements and checks for invalid or missing social security numbers.
    • Reports differences between calculated FICA tax and actual YTD FICA tax withheld.
  • Annual Forms
    • W2's (magnetic media available)
    • W3's
    • 1099 Misc (magnetic media available)
    • 1096's
    • 940 Unemployment Tax Report
  • Tax Tables
    • New rates can be entered for each year for both federal and state taxes.

Employee Reports:

  • Master Control List
    • Reflects complete data from employee file and provides recap with QTD and YTD totals
  • Employee Earnings Record
    • History of all checks showing deductions and total taxes
    • History of all checks showing deductions and individual taxes
    • Lists specific deduction by employee, date and check number
    • Summarizes earnings, deductions, and taxes by employee for requested dates
    • History of employee hours by type of pay
    • Recap of total gross, taxes, deductions and hours
    • Tip Report reflects hours, wages, tips, tips deemed wages, excess tips and reported sales
    • Check Register reflects check number, date, amount and payee
  • 401K Contribution Report
    • Shows both employees' and employer's contributions
  • Workers' Compensation Code Listing
    • Reports rate for each code
  • Workers' Compensation Reports
    Two formats available:
    • Report from history file allows employee to work under multiple W/C classifications. Report may be requested for any period of time.Overtime wages are converted to straight time.
    • Reports from employee file reflects wages earned and hours worked by each employee on calendar year basis. Summarizes by workers' comp classification code.
  • Employee Lists
    • Name and Address listings
    • Raise Review report
    • Birthday listing
    • Anniversary listing
    • Salary listing
    • Employee Change listing reflects changes made to employee file
    • Employee Tax Code listing
    • Mailing labels and Rolodex cards
    • Employee File Analysis


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