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The KSI Purchase Order system interfaces with the KSI Accounts Payable and Inventory systems. It provides the user with the ability to print purchase orders and track open purchase orders including expected ship dates, actual receipt dates and quantities received, as well as quantities invoiced with their related cost information.


  • Master file includes your company's name, mailing address, shipping address, telephone number, fax number, watts number, and nine shipping instructions.
  • Vendor file includes vendor's name, address, telephone and fax numbers, persons to contact, category classification, payment terms, shipping codes and minimum order requirements.
  • Purchase order entry includes purchase order number, vendor, order date, requested date, ship date, terms, side mark, shipping instructions, shipping address, description, quantity and price.
  • Expected ship dates and quantities can be adjusted as new information is received from the vendor.
  • Items can be "received" into inventory prior to receiving the vendor's invoice. Once the invoice is received, the costing information is updated into inventory.
  • Works in conjunction with the KSI Inventory and Accounts Payable systems.

Reports Include:

  • Vendor Listings - sorted in alpha, numeric or category sequence
    • Name and Address Listings
    • Vendor Mailing Labels
    • Vendor Rolodex Cards
  • Purchase Order Entry Edit Listing - used to review purchase order before update
  • Receipts Listing - used to review quantities received and/or invoiced before update
  • Purchase Orders - may be printed on plain paper or preprinted forms
  • Open Purchase Order List - select all items or only items received but not invoiced. Select all or specific vendors.
  • Closed Purchase Order List - select all or specific vendors.
  • Status Report - reflects vendor, po #, date ordered, date requested, date expected, and whether purchase order is open or closed.
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