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The KSI Invoicing/Inventory system interfaces with the KSI Accounts Receivable system and includes a complete inventory control system which allows for up to 9 different pricing levels per inventory item, with a complete audit trail of all items moved in or out of inventory.

General features:

  • All systems are password protected
  • Inventory, Invoicing, and Accounts Receivable can be maintained for up to 999 companies or locations
  • All reports can be directed to a specific printer, , displayed on a terminal (depending on the terminal and width of report), or stored as a print file to be printed later. User can predefine which printer is to be used for the reports, and with what characteristics (such as regular or condensed). These can be overridden at report time.

Inventory Features:

Each inventory item is identified by a 3-digit MFG code and a 20-digit item number within that manufacturer.

User can specify that quantities be maintained by whole units or by fractions (ex: 4.1234 units)

Following are some of the fields within each inventory record:

  • Description
  • Inventory status (active, inactive, etc)
  • Unit prices (9) based on customer type
  • Product class
  • Transaction codes for interface with A/R system
  • Bin location
  • Insurance code
  • Unit of purchase and sale
  • Weight (for shipping)
  • Mtd/Ytd quantity and amount sold
  • Mtd/Ytd quantity and amount purchased
  • The last three receipts information including date, invoice#, vendor, qty purchased, and unit cost. These fields are used for historical purposes and to calculate inventory values.
  • Average unit cost (calculated based on receipts)
  • Value of inventory for this item.
  • Quantities on-order, on-hand, invoiced, available for sale, received but not invoiced, min r/o point, r/o quantity

Modules to record items on-order, received into inventory, adjustments to inventory such as adjusting inventory to physical inventory count. A complete audit trail of all such inventory movement is printed

Several standard reports are available, and user may use KSI's Quick Reports system for adhoc reporting (the Quick Reports package is available separately).

Invoicing Features:

  • Invoices may be entered and listed/edited prior to printing the actual invoices.
  • Unlimited comments can be entered by line, and user defined messages be printed at the bottom of each invoice.
  • Invoice numbers are automatically assigned by the system.
  • Invoices may be modified to print on user's preprinted forms.
  • When invoices are updated, Inventory and Accounts Receivable systems are both updated simultaneously.
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