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The KSI DumpTrux™ Hauling and Invoicing system is software designed for the dump trucking industry. It greatly simplifies the billing process by requiring the operator to handle the hauling tickets only one time. After the hauling tickets are posted by the operator, the system prints the Invoice/Hauling Statements, the Drivers Commission Report and the Lease Truck Commission Report.


  • Job File
    Includes job number, description and customer for each job. Offers the ability to print instructions for the drivers concerning the job.
  • Quarry/Plant File
    Includes number and name of each quarry or plant from which you will be hauling.
  • Commodity File
    Includes each item that will be hauled (asphalt, stone, etc.) as well as all other items that will be charged to the customer, such as labor. Commodities are identified as either subject to driver's commission or not. Items may be included that can be either added to or subtracted from the driver's commission without affecting the customer billing.
  • Driver File
    Includes each driver and his commission percentage.
  • Truck File
    Includes each truck with its commission percentage, if applicable.
  • Pricing File
    Includes the pricing information for each customer/job/quarry/commodity combination and is used to calculate the customers' charges as well as the drivers' commissions.
  • Interfaces to the KSI Accounts Receivable System

Reports Include:

  • Invoice/Hauling Statements
  • Invoice Register
  • Driver Commission Report
  • Truck Hauling Report
  • Quarry Report
  • History File Listing
  • Aging Report
  • Customer Statements
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