Kennedy Systems, Inc.


The KSI General Ledger system provides the user with an easily installed, flexible solution to the accounting and record keeping functions of business. It generates the necessary accounting audit trails, trial balances, financial statements and after-the-fact payroll reporting.


  • Password Protection
  • Automatic interface from other KSI packages
  • Multiple client processing can accommodate up to 999 companies
  • Flexible chart of accounts with 9-digit account numbers
  • Various structures allow up to 999 departments per company
  • Nondepartmental - one balance sheet department - one income statement department
  • Departmental - one balance sheet department - multiple income statements
  • Multi-corporate - multiple balance sheets - multiple income statements
  • Fiscal year maintained on a 12-month or 13-period basis
  • Current and prior year information can be maintained for each account
  • Budgets can be maintained for each account
  • Ability to rerun any month's financial statement during the current or prior fiscal year
  • Automatic set up of chart of accounts for new clients
  • Easy data entry
  • User-defined source codes
  • On-line account and employee validation
  • Payroll and nonpayroll entries can be entered together
  • Transactions can be entered at any time during the month and in any sequence
  • Transactions can be posted to prior periods, current periods or future periods
  • Transactions can be entered for nonexisting accounts. These accounts can be added after the transactions have been entered.
  • Comments of unrestricted length can be entered for any transaction and are carried forward to the general ledger and annual ledger
  • Annual ledger may be maintained for all or specific accounts
  • Automatic recurring and reversing journal entries
  • Preliminary financial reports available before update
  • Automatic distributions allocate a single entry to multiple accounts and departments
  • Automatic calculations generate new entries based on existing entries
  • Create ASCII files to be exported to other applications from information in the account file
  • Flexible financial statements
  • User controlled report formatting
  • New reports can be designed from existing formats
  • Both comparative and budgetary income statements
  • Multiple clients and departments may be consolidated
  • After-the-fact payroll module includes 941's, W2's, and 1099's

Reports Include:

  • Chart of Accounts
  • Income Statements
  • Transaction Journals * Standard
  • Payroll Summary * Budgetary
  • 941's, W2's, and 1099's * Comparative
  • Detailed General Ledger * Annual - 12 months
  • Annual Ledger * Departmental
  • Working Trial Balance
  • Supporting Schedules
  • Budget Worksheet
  • Gross Profit Analysis
  • Balance Sheet
  • Disclaimer Letters
  • Cash Flow Report
  • Footnotes
  • Statement of Change
  • Employee Lists
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