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The KSI Bank Reconciliation system takes away the problem of manually matching cancelled checks to the actual checks issued. The KSI Accounts Payable and Payroll systems feed the check information to the Bank Reconciliation system. Then the operator enters only the cancelled checks, deposits and bank charges. The system flags checks and deposits that clear for an amount differing from the original amount, performs the reconciliation and purges the paid items, leaving only the outstanding checks.

Whether dealing with multiple companies or multiple banks, the KSI Bank Reconciliation can reduce time spent in unprofitable searches and serve as a reminder of unrecorded deposits, charges, drafts and NSF checks, as well as signal discrepancies.


  • Password Protection
  • Multiple Companies/Multiple Banks
  • Checks and deposits can be entered in any sequence
  • Cancelled checks can be easily entered by either keying the ranges of check numbers or by entering each check separately.
  • Record deposits, bank charges, NSF checks, drafts
  • Interfaces with KSI Accounts Payable system
  • Interfaces with KSI Payroll system

Reports Include:

  • Errors and Outstanding Items
  • Transaction Lists
  • Bank Reconciliation
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