Kennedy Systems, Inc.


The KSI Accounts Payable system pays vendor invoices and recurring payments, processes handwritten checks, reports cash requirements, shows how to take advantage of vendor discounts and keeps a history of invoices and payments.


  • Multiple company processing
  • Cash or accrual basis available
  • Reports cash requirements
  • Records handwritten and voided checks
  • Tracks recurring payables
  • User-defined terms codes
  • Calculates vendor discounts based on terms codes
  • Pays invoices based on due dates, discount dates, specific vendors or specific invoices
  • Allows partial payment of invoices
  • Withholds workers' comp insurance from subcontractors
  • Maintains history of invoices and payments
  • Prints 1099's for selected vendors
  • Magnetic media reporting of 1099's available
  • Interfaces with KSI General Ledger, Bank Reconciliation and Job Cost systems
  • Deletes inactive vendors when requested
  • Scans vendor file for existing vendors or next available number

Reports Include:

  • Transaction lists
  • Open Payables Aging indicating cash requirements
  • Payment Selection list
  • Checks with supporting vouchers
  • Distribution Journals reflecting G/L account numbers
  • Check Registers reflecting system and handwritten checks
  • Vendor lists, mailing labels and rolodex cards
  • History of invoices and payments
  • Workers' Compensation Report
  • 1099's for selected vendors
  • Inactive Vendor list
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